Upside Chat: Dr Brian Moore, CEO, Orreco (Leading Sports & Data Science Platform)

This week, we had the honor to Dr Brian Moore, the CEO of Orreco, a leading Sports & Data Science Platform, which is blending Data Science and Sports Science to generate customized indicators of injury risk, optimal training load and recovery strategies. Orreco also recently launched a new [...]

Upside: Our key takeaways from our European trip with top clubs, coaches and national teams

Last week we took a quick break to catch up with some top European clubs (Ligue 1, Premier League..), Olympic organizations and national teams to get a pulse on the latest sports tech trends impacting those sports organizations. We had numerous meetings with top coaches, athletic trainers, head of sports [...]

2022 Upside Top Sports Tech Predictions (NFT/Metaverse, Sports Performance, IPOs/M&As..)

Dear colleague, First off, we would like to wish you and your family a happy holiday and all the best for 2022. Make sure to stay safe during the holidays. This is now time for our 2022 top sports tech predictions. A lot has happened in 2021 in the world [...]

? ? November Recap: Sports Tech Startups Raised $405M. 88% Came from Metaverse startups. Nike Buys Metaverse Startup. Apple AR/VR Glasses Coming in 4Q22.

Dear Colleague, We had another busy month of November in the world of elite sports. December is off to a great start and it is a nice way to finish 2021 on a high note. In the world of soccer, the Major League Soccer (MLS) announced the 21 clubs that [...]

Upside Analysis: Best Practices on how to build & Sell a Sports Performance Product to Pro teams

We have been working with pro teams in the MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, European soccer, pro tennis, pro rugby as well as Olympic teams for 10 years, and oftentimes we come across great sports performance products (sleep tech, hydration assessment, neurotech, injury prevention tools, GPS..) but many of them [...]

Upside Startup Spotlight: Neurocess

Upside startup name: Neurocess Headquartered: London (England, UK) Website: https://www.neurocess.co/ Founded: 2018 Amount money raised: $3.4M. Raising another $5M as part of their next round of funding. Sector: Sensor based injury prevention and rehab tool Customers: Leading Premier league soccer clubs, and Turkish soccer clubs. Founded in 2018, Neurocess offers [...]

Upside Startup Spotlight: McLloyd

Upside startup: MacLloyd Headquartered: Paris (France), US subsidiary in Miami, FL (USA) Founded: 2013 Company website: www.mclloyd.com Sector: GPS tracking system Customers: 100+ customers in Europe (Stade Rennais/Ligue 1, Standard de liege/Belgian soccer league, Amien SC/Ligue 2, PMU..), North America (PSG Academy. Etc.) McLloyd was born in 2013 in France. [...]

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