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Last Updated: March 20, 2023
Contact Information
Contact name : Sean Harrington
Contact's Title: CEO
122 East Parrish Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701, United States, Boston, MA, United States 02127-1421
Customer list (optional):: 16 NFL teams, 50+ collegiate customers, 30 other Pro Teams, US Special Operations Command and a growing number of International partners.
Founder: Sean Harrington
Amount money raised (if applicable): N/A (Acquired by Teamworks)
Amount of money you seek to raise (if applicable): N/A
Flagship product*: Notemeal
Product Description:

First product is the Sports Dietitian Platform, which delivers value by enabling the dietitian to work more efficiently, with more athletes. Second product is Performance Kitchen Platform, integrating Kitchens + Nutrition team to deliver an optimal athlete fueling experience.

Product availability: Now
Flagship product price range: N/A
Renewals rates: 99%+
Stage of company: Venture-Funded (Growth) Stage
Stage of the product: Commercial product
Launch Year: 2019
Home country: United States of America
Number of employees: 15
Production model (internal / outsourced):
  • Internal / In-house
  • Academies
  • Pro teams
  • Paid trial
Level of support:
  • Basic help desk resolution and service desk dlivery
Return/replacement policy (Full exchange): No
Growth forecasts (% Projected YoY growth rate in 2022): 50,00
Sean Harrington
Team customers
Total team customers (NBA, NFL, MLB... all teams): 101-200
NBA: 8
NFL: 16-20
MLB: 9
NCAA: 41-50
Premier League: 2
The Notemeal Performance Nutrition Platform is integrating sports dietitians, elite athletes and performance kitchens to increase performance through optimized nutrition. Notemeal currently works with over 50 collegiate, professional and tactical organizations across the elite athletics landscape, and is currently the fastest growing company in the space. Sean and Kevin, both software engineers and former collegiate athletes, founded Notemeal after a 7-year stint building software for the New England Patriots through two Super Bowl championships. After this experience, and their exposure to many software solutions in the Sports Performance market, they saw an opportunity to build a platform specifically to empower the Performance Dietitian to reach and optimize the nutrition of every athlete on the team.

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