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Last Updated: March 15, 2023
Contact Information
Contact name : Gagan Daga
Contact's Title: CEO
Customer list (optional):: Pro cricket teams (clubs, national teams)
Founder: Gagan Daga
Amount money raised (if applicable): $420k
Product Description:

With their wearable sensor, they offer a dashboard as well as an app. Concretely the data gets transferred to the phone via Bluetooth, from the sensor to the app, and you have the entire analytics on your fingertips.

Product availability: Now
Stage of company: Venture-Funded (Growth) Stage
Stage of the product: Commercial product
Launch Year: 2017
Home country: Singapore
Production model (internal / outsourced):
  • Internal / In-house
  • Academies
  • Pro teams
  • Paid trial
Level of support:
  • Basic help desk resolution and service desk dlivery
Return/replacement policy (Full exchange): No
Team customers
Total team customers (NBA, NFL, MLB... all teams): 11-20
MLB: 1
str8bat's vision is to enable players play better every day and chase their dream by making technology which is accessible to all - both serious and fun players. Str8bat is a sports wearable company which helps passionate players who aspires to become the best and work really hard at perfecting their skills improve their game every day! We have been selected as the top 50 sports startup in the world! We give INSTANT, VISUAL and ACTIONABLE insights into one's game by using state-of-art motion sensors and without using any camera. It also tracks performance and helps them to know exactly how much improvement you have been able to make on an ongoing basis. One can even compare how he/she fared against his/her role model. All this through a cutting edge AI engine which automatically identifies the shot types played and helps one to focus on those aspects of the game which needs their attention.

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