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Last Updated: September 13, 2022
Contact Information
Contact name : Kevin Hart
Contact's Title: CEO
Dallas, TX, USA, USA 75206
Customer list (optional):: Arsenal FC, PGA
Founder: Kevin Hart
Amount of money you seek to raise (if applicable): TBD
Flagship product*: Aerial AR platform
Product Description:

Aireal is a location-based augmented reality platform that allows a new or existing property to viewed, customized, and walked through at scale from anywhere in the world.

Product availability: Now
Flagship product price range: TBD
Kevin Hart
Aireal is an augmented reality platform that allows digital content to coexist with reality, creating infinite ways to experience our world. This proprietary method of anchoring digital content in defined Airspace, visible through mobile and wearable tech, provides experiential opportunities that have never before existed. The platform enables people to design, discover and experience 2D, 3D, Video and Interactive content super-imposed over their real world environment. Unlike the "current" augmented reality that requires marker-based recognition, Aireal’s patented (markerless) technology allows digital content to be anchored to real world longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates. In addition, we created a system to understand every outdoor environment in true 3D (our "Digital Mold") without the use of computer vision -- yielding the most realistic, un-interrupted AR experience that exists today and creating the perception that digital content really does coexist with reality.

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