We provide the following services:

  • Market intelligence: You need help with market research? We can create custom market intelligence reports (SWOT analysis, market mapping, reports, etc..) for you.

  • Business development: You need extra help with sales? You can hire us on a retainer basis and we will help you generate new leads and reach your sales target. We can leverage our network of teams, leagues and key decisions makers across various leagues (NBA, NHL, MLS, NFL, European soccer, Olympic teams, pro tennis, pro rugby..).

  • Strategy & product development: You need help putting together your product strategy and build a POC? We can leverage our teams of engineers, Product managers to help you build your POC/MVP.

  • Content marketing: You need help putting together your content marketing strategy? We can help you write white papers, product decks, blog posts, create marketing videos and more.

  • Fund raising & VC deck: We can help you create your VC deck. We have a team of financial modeling experts and designers. We can also help you connect with top VCs and investors.

  • Data analytics: You are a team or startup looking to help you with data analytics? We can help you make sense of the data. We have a team of data scientists who can help you.

  • Speaking engagement: You can hire us to run webinars or speak at conferences on various sports tech related topics (sleep tech, neurotech, GPS, injury prevention, AI, AR/VR, NFT, esport..).