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Last Updated: September 17, 2022
Contact Information
Contact name : Ted Iannuzzi
Contact's Title: CSO
500 McGregor Farm Trail, Toronto, Canada L3X 0H7
Founder: Gareth Weale
Amount money raised (if applicable): 125,000
Amount of money you seek to raise (if applicable): 200,000
Flagship product*: The Intelibean head impact wearable & concussion management platform
Other products : Long term care body patch monitor (health care)
Product availability: Field trials
Flagship product price range: $249.99 with an optional annual data management subscription fee of $60
Gareth Weale
Jaime Gangadin
Gareth Weale

Awarewear is a Canadian wearable technology company from Waterloo Ontario.

Our team of dedicated micro component and wearable software technologists have developed a solution that can prevent the devastating damage from compound concussions by identifying when an impact has occurred that has breached a pre determined threshold. Our head impact monitoring, alerting, tracking and reporting wearable for ANY sport is designed to ensure that every impact is detected so parents, coaches and players are made aware of each event so that no athlete returns to play before they have recovered.

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