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Last Updated: September 13, 2022
Contact Information
Contact name : Louis De Magnitot
Contact's Title: VP Sales
74 rue du Faubourg St Antoine 75012 PARIS, France
Customer list (optional):: TBD
Amount money raised (if applicable): TBD
Flagship product*: Chronolife
Product Description:

Unlike some smart clothing startups out there, they have a deep expertise in sensors, data analytics, and generating insights from the wearable data. And they have a modular approach which allows teams to use various form factors (smart t-shirt, smart armband) and sensor types (HR, HRV, ECG, breathing, CBT, pulmonary impedance..)

Product availability: Now
Flagship product price range: TBD
Chronolife is developing a unique solution capable of constant monitoring of multiple physiological parameters simultaneously that makes predictions based on big data analysis in real time. Thanks to its disruptive proprietary algorithm, named HOTS (Hierarchy of Event Based Time Surfaces), Chronolife aims to create a paradigm shift in the management of patients with chronic conditions. The company has chosen to initially target two major indications that affect a large number of patients worldwide: Heart Failure and Epilepsy.

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