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Last Updated: September 16, 2022
Contact Information
Contact name : Andrew Ronchi
Contact's Title: Business Development Lead
315 W 36th Street New York, NY, USA
Amount money raised (if applicable): TBD
Flagship product*: ViPerform™
Product availability: Now
Flagship product price range: $3000
ViPerform™ is a wearable and wireless movement sensor technology that tracks and measures how elite athletes move in real-time across a variety of sports. The ViPerform™ system consists of wearable motion and muscle activity sensors that record data at 200 frames per second, and intuitive software with sophisticated algorithms that turn robust data into easy-to-read human movement data and meaningful results about how athletes are moving. ViPerform™ will change how trainers and coaches evaluate, screen and assess athletes. It has helped reduce injuries by 40% within the first year.

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