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Last Updated: September 16, 2022
Contact Information
Contact name : Nan-Wei Gong
Contact's Title: CEO
2 Park Plaza, Suite 605, USA 2116
Customer list (optional):: TBD
Founder: Nan-Wei Gong, Tiegeng Ren
Amount money raised (if applicable): $7.5M
Flagship product*: FIGUR8’s Movement Analysis Platform
Product Description:

FIGUR8’s Movement Analysis Platform seamlessly incorporates hardware, software and biomechanics AI to accurately analyze musculoskeletal (MSK) health.

Product availability: Now
Flagship product price range: TBD
Nan-Wei Gong
FIGUR8 is formed by a group of engineers, researchers and designers with expertise in wearable computing, digital health and sports science. We share the same passion in creating the most intuitive and effective way to understanding human movement and to bring what’s only available to the elite few today to the hands of the everyday user.

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