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Last Updated: March 14, 2023
Contact Information
Contact name : Stefan van der Fluit
Contact's Title: CEO
United States
Customer list (optional):: Triathletes, teams
Founder: Stefan van der Fluit
Amount money raised (if applicable): $2M
Flagship product*: FLOWPATCH
Product Description:

FLOWBIO is developing the world's first real-time sweat sensing platform. Their product, the FLOWPATCH is unlocking the next generation of human performance data starting with total body fluid and electrolyte loss. The FLOWPATCH consists of a single-use sensor (to ensure maximum accuracy of data) and reusable electronics, which analyses the signals coming from the sensors and processes + streams the data and hydration recommendations to a smart-watch, bike computer or phone.

Product availability: Now
Stage of company: Venture-Funded (Growth) Stage
Stage of the product: Commercial product
Launch Year: 2020
Home country: United States of America
Production model (internal / outsourced):
  • Internal / In-house
  • Academies
  • Pro teams
  • Paid trial
Level of support:
  • Basic help desk resolution and service desk dlivery
Return/replacement policy (Full exchange): Yes
Stefan van der Fluit
Team customers
Total team customers (NBA, NFL, MLB... all teams): 11-20
Ligue 1: 2
Calcio: 2
The FLOWPATCH is a wearable, non-invasive patch that captures an athlete’s sweat and interprets key bio-markers (hydration, electrolyte..) in real-time. We provide our users with personalised recommendations that allow them to improve their performance. It also measures electrolyte and recommend how much water an athlete should intake.

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