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Last Updated: September 17, 2022
Contact Information
Contact name : Paula Searcy
Contact's Title: VP Marketing & Sales
130 Miners Dr, Suite 101, Colorado, United States 80026
Product Description:

Sana is a non addictive simple mask and headphones you wear on your head. The device uses audio visual stimulation to increase balance between the left and right side of your brain leading to greater relaxation.

Product availability: Currently available
Flagship product price range: $99-$149 per month/subscription model
Richard Hanbury
Natasha Bond
Sana is a wearable therapeutic device that helps balance your brain and leader to greater relaxation and accelerate physical recovery and mental well-being. They're a team of engineers, designers, marketers and users who believe good sleep will improve the lives of millions. With the use of Sana, the world’s first truly smart sleep mask, they optimize your pathway to complete pain relief, even if you suffer from severe insomnia. Their founder developed the first version to save his life after a life-threatening car accident. Since then they’ve tested 14 prototypes against 700+ users, and excited to be alumni of the hardware startup accelerator HAX in Shenzhen, China. Sana is the only solution available to help those with severe sleep problems caused by high anxiety or pain. Sana measures and tracks your overall state of health and vitality over time and uses this measure to tailor the device to get you to deep relaxation and sleep fast.

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