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Last Updated: September 17, 2022
Contact Information
Contact name : Davide Vigano
Contact's Title: CEO
15600 Redmond Way, Suite 205 Redmond, USA 98052
Amount money raised (if applicable): $5.6M
Flagship product*: Sensoria socks
Product Description:

The Sensoria offers a suite of wearables (smart socks, shoes, t-shirts...) combined with advanced algorithms to track biometric and statistical data (Cadence, distance ran, HR..).

Product availability: Now
The Sensoria Run mobile app allows you to tailor your goals and track your progress. Customize how and when you want alerts from the Sensoria Virtual Coach. Choose to only receive feedback when your cadence is off, or when you are landing improperly. Select the desired heart rate zone for different training sessions.

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