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Last Updated: September 17, 2022
Contact Information
Contact name : Ashley Hennings
Contact's Title: Director of PR & Influencer Marketing
325 Vermont Street, San Francisco, CA, USA, California, United States 10001
Founder: Aly Orady
Flagship product*: Tonal
Flagship product price range: $3000
Aly Orady
Mike Tamaru
Tonal combines expert coaching with revolutionary equipment to be your best personal trainer and at-home gym. To get started, choose from multi-week programs, one-off workouts, Custom Workouts or Free Lift mode, and based on your strength and goals, Tonal will customize the weights and workout to you. By using a proprietary digital weight system instead of metal weights, Tonal can generate 200 pounds of resistance and replicate every machine in the weight room with a fraction of the equipment. That means you can exercise your full body—from legs to biceps—all with one device. Set a goal, start lifting, and be your strongest.

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