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Last Updated: September 17, 2022
Contact Information
Contact name : Konrad Morzkowski
California, United States
Konrad Morzkowski
Our main focus is creating a direct to consumer mobile platform for cardiac care enabled by our patented stretchable ECG patch. The same patch can be applied for athletics as well by derving heart rate/HRV from the signal, leading to improved data quality over traditional PPG sensors and more stability during movement for similar ECG sensors thanks to our Stanford licensed stretchable technology. We're expecting clearance in Q2 2021 for our medical use but will be able to use our device earlier for athletics since a FDA 510(k) clearance isn't required for that. 30-second video showing what it will look like: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LagO0XbuMjyVTDzNoTROgHGnsf6uaUsJ/view?usp=sharing

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