This week we had the honor to interview a group of serial entrepreneurs & investors on best practices for successful exits.

  • Adam Cheyer, a serial entrepreneur, co-founder and inventor of Siri (sold to Apple), and co-founder of Viv Labs (sold to Samsung).
  • Jay Eum, co-founder & Managing Partner at GFT Ventures, and co-founder of TransLink Capital.
  • Sean Harrington, a serial entrepreneur, and former exec from the New England Patriots (NFL). Sean is also the founder and GM at Notemeal (sold to Teamworks).

?Show Notes: Through this interview, we touched on the process for successful exits. They also shared their advice for any startup entrepreneurs looking to have a successful exit. Then they gave their thoughts on what not to do to avoid startup failures. Lastly we discussed the investment areas that they are the most excited about.

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