? The Sports DNA genomic market

How pro teams are using DNA testing to help improve players' training, sleep, and nutrition Over the past few years, the DNA testing market has gone from being a niche market to a mass market thanks to companies like 23andme and Ancestry.com. We are also seeing a growing number of [...]

❤️ Best Buy gets into fitness

Dear Friends and Members, Last Friday, we published our Backetball tech analysis, in which we discussed the segments, key players, and current and future trends in the basketball tech market for the coming years. To access this analysis be sure to sign up for our premium subscription by clicking the [...]

? The Sleep Tech Monitoring and Analysis Market

From smart masks, headbands...to contactless biosensors Over the past decades, sleep has become an issue for many individuals across many generations. Below is a compilation of key statistics from the American Sleep Association that relate to sleep and sleep disorders in the US: 50-70M US adults have a sleep disorder. [...]

?The Tennis Tech industry 2.0

This week is the week of Roland Garros, one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world, so we thought we would go over the emerging technologies in the world of pro tennis. In the past few years, the world of tennis has evolved quite dramatically through the emergence of [...]

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