Upside Article: Biofeedback Applications in Sports, by Len Zaichkowsky, PhD, World-Class’ Sports Biofeedback Expert

This week, we have the honor to have Len Zaichkowsky, PhD, world’s class expert in biofeedback/psychophysiology, and cognitive fitness, write another article on “Biofeedback Applications in Sports”. Of note, Len has worked with many elite pro teams (Warriors (NBA), Penguins (NHL), Vancouver Canucks (NHL), Real Madrid, National Spanish soccer team…) [...]

Upside Chat: Chelsey Rushworth, SVP Sales, LiveLike (leading engagement platform for sports and entertainment)

This week, we had the honor to interview Chelsey Rushworth, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at LiveLike, a leading engagement platform for sports and entertainment. LiveLike is a technology company dedicated to empowering digital experiences that enable deeper fan engagement, increased retention rates, and new monetization opportunities. [...]

Upside Chat: Eddie Jones, Head Coach of England National Rugby Team

This week we had the honor to interview Eddie Jones, the head coach of England National Rugby team. Eddie Jones is an Australian rugby union coach. Eddie Jones previously coached Australia between 2001 and 2005, taking the team to the 2003 Rugby World Cup Final. He was an [...]

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