⌚ ⚽ ? Beckham Enters Esport. Ronaldo Breaks Record. Lebron Raises $100M. Contactless Biosensor Gets FDA Approval.

Dear Friends and Members, Last week Liverpool FC won its first Premier League title in 30 years. The Major League Baseball (MLB) also officially unveiled its 2020 campaign plans with the competition set to begin on 23 July under a proposed 60-game regular season schedule. The F1 is also scheduled [...]

?Upside Video Peer Review: Fullpower Technologies

Upside video peer reviews of sleep tech company Fullpower Technologies (Philippe Khan / CEO, Arthur Kinsolving / CTO) by top sports performance experts (Derek Lawrance, Director of Health and Performance at SJ Earthquakes/MLS, Daniel Hayes, Performance Director at LA Dodgers / MiLB, Brian Lee, Sports Medicine, Program Manager, Children's Hospital [...]

? ⚽ ?Oura Smart Ring to be part of NBA’s Restart plan? Champions Leagues Is Back! Laliga & EPL See Record Spike in Viewership.

Dear Friends and Members, Many sports leagues (Laliga, EPL, Series A, Bundesliga..) are now back in full swing. Not surprisingly, La Liga Santander’s anticipated return on 11 June saw international viewership increase by over 48% for matchday 28, compared to the average matchday figures prior to the competition’s suspension, according [...]

? ⚽ Laliga & Series A are Back! PS5 is Here…Apple AR/VR Glasses Patent Leaks

Dear Friends and Members, This past weekend Laliga and Series A resumed their respective seasons. The Premier league is set to be next on June 17 while MLS and the NBA are also set to restart their seasons in July. MLS also plans to restart its season on July 8 [...]

⚽? MLS to Take $1B Revenue Hit. Barca Launches Barca TV+. MJ/Nike Donate $100M to Black Communities.

Dear Friends and Members, With now the Bundesliga, NASCAR, the South Korean baseball and soccer league back on, coaches, trainers, fitness coaches, staff from teams in the Laliga (today, June 8), Premier League (June 17), and Series A (June 20) are gearing up to resume their season as well. The [...]

? ⚽ Major Sports Leagues (NFL, NBA, Laliga, EPL..) To Lose $14B in Revenue Due to COVID-19?

Dear Friends and Members, Last week more leagues announced their plan to resume competition: Those include the Series A (June 20), Premier League (June 17). MLS officials also proposed that the MLS season could resume in Orlando, Florida behind closed doors at the Disney sports complex and other stadiums in [...]

?Upside Chat: Pete DeNagy, 5G/WiFi 6 Expert, President of IOT America & Former GM of Samsung Enterprise

This week we had the honor to interview Pete DeNagy, President of Acommence advisors, and founder of IOT America. Pete is also the former GM of Samsung enterprise. ?Show Notes: Throughout our conversation, we touched on his background, his view on the top 5G/WIFI 6 use cases in [...]

?Upside TV Show: Philippe Kahn, Fullpower Technologies CEO

Last week we had the honor to interview Philippe Kahn, the CEO of Fullpower Technologies, a world's leading sleep technology company. Philippe is also well known for creating the first camera phone and has been a pioneer in the area of wearable technology intellectual property. ?Show Notes: We discussed Philippe’s [...]

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