Upside Thought Leadership Series: Top VCs’ Thoughts on The Sports NFT/Metaverse Market

The Sports NFT /Metaverse market has become one of the most talked about sports segments in the past 6 months with the emergence of sports NFT startup unicorns raising a sizable amount of funding (e.g. Sorare, Dapper Labs, etc.), and sports teams and leagues (NBA, NFL…) launching NFT solutions, in [...]

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Upside Chat: Sven Van de Perre, Tropos AR (Leading Metaverse Portal Startup)

This week we had the honor to interview Sven Van de Perre, Creative Director at Tropos AR, a leading Metaverse discovery portal. Show Notes: Through this interview, we touched on his background, his role that Tropos AR. We also talked about his startup, product, how it benefits the teams and [...]

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Sports Performance Roles & Best Practices (Head of Performance, Head Athletic Trainer..)

Over the past 10 years we have worked with many sports performance professionals of professional teams and leagues (NBA, MLS, NHL, MLB, NFL, European soccer, Olympic teams..). Within a sports performance department there are key roles (Director of high performance, Head Athletic Trainer, Director of Sports Medicine, Head of R&D, [...]

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October Recap: Sports Tech Startups Raised $292M in October, FB Watch Leaked, Peloton’s New Dumbbell & AI Camera.

Dear Colleague, We had another busy month of October in the world of elite sports. November is off to a great start. In the world of soccer, the national teams were competing to qualify for the next Soccer World Cup in Qatar. In Tennis, Djokovic clinched a seventh year-end No. [...]

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Upside Chat: Marco Nunez, Former Head Athletic Trainer (LA Lakers/NBA)

This week we had the honor to interview Marco Nunez, the former Head Athletic Trainer for the LA Lakers (NBA). Marco worked for the LA Lakers for 8 years. 📝 Show Notes: Through this interview, we touched on his background, the role that he played at the LA Lakers, [...]

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Upside Chat: Sean Harrington, Notemeal CEO (Online platform for nutritionists and dietitians)

This week we had the honor to interview Sean Harrington, CEO of Notemeal, a leading online platform for nutritionists and dietitians. Notemeal currently has 215 nutritionists and 10,000+ athletes on its platform and works with 50 pro teams (NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, Olympic teams..). The company was recently acquired [...]

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Upside Chat: Jake Lush McCrum, CEO of The Rajasthan Royals (Top Indian cricket team)

This week we had the honor to interview Jake Lush McCrum, CEO of The Rajasthan Royals, a top Indian cricket team. Show Notes: Through this interview, we touched on his background, and his role as a CEO of a top cricket team. Then we talked about how important are technologies [...]

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Upside Startup Profile: Dream VR (VR + Metaverse + NFT)

Upside startup: Dream VR Headquartered: Barcelona, Miami (Florida) Founded: 2016 Website: Amount money raised: $5M Sector: VR Content, Metaverse, NFT Major Partnerships 2019-2020: Real Madrid & Formula 1 Dream VR is a digital start-up with registered office in Miami and subsidiary in Barcelona; with its pioneering technology platform and its proprietary Samsung Smart [...]

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Upside Chat: Alex Zimmerman, VP of Personal Training, Programming & Development at Equinox

This week we had the honor to interview Alex Zimmerman, VP of Personal Training, Programming & Development at Equinox, the leading operator of luxury fitness clubs. The company takes an integrative approach to high-performance living, incorporating all aspects of movement, nutrition, and regeneration, to help members maximize their potential. [...]

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Upside: HR/HRV Monitoring Market (Key vendors, Trends & Recommendations to Teams)

HR/HRV monitoring market: Key Players, Trends, Recommendations to Pro Teams With less than 10 leading HR/HRV monitoring vendors (Polar, Firstbeat, Suunto, Whoop..) in the market today, aside from GPS systems, HR/HRV monitoring systems have become one of the most common technologies used by pro teams today. Similar to GPS systems, [...]

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