Analysis: Tennis Tech Ecosystem: Where we are heading

With Wimbledon, one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world, starting on Monday, we thought we would go over the emerging technologies in the world of pro tennis. In the past few years, the world of tennis has evolved quite dramatically through the emergence of advanced technologies (Injury prevention [...]

Upside Chat: Greg Bonnier, VP, Helight (Leading Red Light Therapy Device Company)

This week, we had the honor to interview Greg Bonnier, the VP of Helight a leading sleep tech company in Montreal. Helight’s second product is a sleep aid device that can emit a pure 630 nanometer wavelength. It has an effect on users’ sleep quality, falling asleep, relaxation, sleep inertia (the feeling [...]

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Upside: Video Analysis Vendor Ecosystem Market (Key vendors, Trends & Recommendations to Teams)

With 32% of teams looking to invest in a video analysis tool, according to our 2020 Upside survey, video analysis systems (Second Spectrum, Hudl, Stats Perform, SkillCorner, Footovision..) have become one of the most common technologies used by pro teams today, along side of GPS, HR, AMS systems. Video analysis [...]

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Upside Chat: Marco Nunez, Former Head Athletic Trainer (LA Lakers/NBA), on Athletic Trainer’s Role, Post Career After Elite Sports, and Entrepreneurship

This week we had the honor to interview Marco Nunez, the former Head Athletic Trainer for the LA Lakers (NBA). Marco worked for the LA Lakers for 12 years with world’s class athletes like Kobe Bryant, Shaq or Lebron James. 📝 Show Notes: Through this interview, we touched on [...]

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Upside: The Connected Fitness Ecosystem: From Smart mirror, treadmill, Smart Rowing

Over the past 2 years, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic a growing number of teams have started to adopt connected fitness products to enable their athletes to stay in shape remotely. We have seen a variety of connected fitness equipments from smart mirrors, treadmills, bikes to smart rowing products. Global [...]

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Upside Chat: Pete DeNagy, President of Acommence Advisors, Founder of IOT America, Former GM of Samsung Enterprise, on In-Stadium Experiences, 6G, NFT/Metaverse

This week, we have the honor to have Pete DeNagy, President of Acommence Advisors, and founder of IoT America. Pete is also the former GM of Samsung Enterprise. 📝Show Notes: Throughout this interview, we touched on Pete’s background, the biggest challenges when it comes to providing the best in [...]

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How Tech is Transforming American Football: From AR/VR/MR, NFTs to drones, robots, holograms and more

American Football is one of the most popular sports in America. But it is also one of the most advanced sports leagues when it comes to emerging technologies. Before we get into some of the technologies used in the NFL, let’s start with the economics. In 2021, the NFL generated [...]

May Recap: Nike Sells NFT Sneakers for $134k. LaLiga, UEFA, Rafael Nadal Academy, Valentino Rossi, Under Armour, Enter the Metaverse. $632M Raised From Sports Tech Startups.

Dear Colleague, May was another busy month in the world of elite sports. In the world of soccer, Kylian Mbappé was one of the most talked about topic this month. Mbappé ended up renewing its contract with PSG for the next three seasons through the end of the 2025. According [...]

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