Upside startup: Dream VR

Headquartered: Barcelona, Miami (Florida)

Founded: 2016


Amount money raised: $5M

Sector: VR Content, Metaverse, NFT

Major Partnerships 2019-2020: Real Madrid & Formula 1

Dream VR is a digital start-up with registered office in Miami and subsidiary in Barcelona; with its pioneering technology platform and its proprietary Samsung Smart TV player, is currently the only technology provider in the world that can reproduce 360º content on 300 million Smart TVs and 50 million Apple & Android TVs worldwide in 195 countries. Dream VR app with millions of downloads is available on every major 360º and VR platform including Apple TV & Android TV, iOS & Android Mobile/Tablet devices, Web Player, VR Devices (HTC, Vive, Samsung Gear, Oculus, Topying, Pico, Google Daydream) and Sony playstation coming soon.

Dream VR, at the core of VR revolution with eCommerce to help fully monetize VR fans experiences:

Dream VR built a unique VR e-commerce experience which enables their customers to sell their associated items (Jerseys, tickets..) throughout the VR experience and on top of the VR subscription that their VR users already have to pay. Dream VR is able to do this as they have a unique global partnership with Fanatics. By partnering with companies like Dream VR, teams and leagues will be able to better monetize the VR fans experience, and drive their top line.

Picture: Dream VR’s e-commerce experience with Real Madrid

Dream VR also offers a cross platform VR/360 experience across a wide variety of devices (smartphone – VR headset – smart TV – Tablet). This has become a must have in the coming years. As illustrated in the picture below, Dream VR is also a leading player there as it offers its VR/360 video experience cross platform (smartphone – VR headset – smart TV – Tablet), which is a competitive advantage. We expect most teams to work with companies like Dream VR in order to fully scale their VR sports experience, increase their overall reach, and better monetize VR down the road.

Picture: Dream VR’s cross platform VR/360 video experience

Dream VR also offers VR/360 video based athletes channels, the new “Instagram” for athletes

Dream VR also enables athletes (Dani Alves) to have their own VR/360 channel where they can provide exclusive “behind the scene” virtual VR/360 video content and associated content (jerseys, hats, VIP events..) or provide virtual lessons to their fans. Each fan can just pay a fee per month to get access to all the content.

Picture: Dream VR/360 channels (e.g. clubs, players/athletes..) experience on mobile devices.

Picture: Dream VR/360 overall channels experience on smart TVs.

Dream VR’s Netflix type offering for athletes could become a great new source of revenues for athletes. Now let’s assume that only 1% of Ronaldo’s 70M followers sign up for such a paid offering, that would bring $42M to Ronaldo in additional revenue each year. Not to mention all the eCommerce sales generated on top of this via a Dream VR experience that could land in the athletes’ pocket. We believe that many athletes and even teams will adopt such models in the coming years in order to improve the fans engagement but more importantly drive their top line. Ultimately we believe that most teams will move towards a Netflix type offering (OTT, VR, mobile, social, eSports..) in order to better monetize their fans.

Dream LIFE VR, a Real Life Metaverse based on experiences

Dream VR is currently developing Dream LIFE VR, a decentralized meta verse hosted on blockchain under the Ethereum protocol. This Virtual Universe will initially be composed of 12 iconic cities and will be offering +300 experiences located in advertising supports at the central square of each city. Furthermore, the Dream LIFE VR will offer VR games for those who love gaming. Other features will come along…

Dream VR is also entering in the NFTs market

They are creating immersive NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) related to the experiences and will be located in a small Museum of each city so that they may be purchased at a NFTs Marketplace. Furthermore, users will be able to get inside of those NFTs as if they were part of them.

Picture: Dani Alves, Brazilian soccer player (Ex Barca, PSG..)

This week, we interviewed Albert Palay, CEO of Dream VR, to discuss the company’s product, its ambition for the VR and NFT markets, and its future plans for 2021 and beyond.

This week, we interviewed Albert Palay, CEO of Dream VR, to discuss the company’s product, its ambition for the VR and NFT markets, and its future plans for 2021 and beyond.

Q1. Tell us about Dream VR and how your product is different from other VR and NFT companies out there?

Alberto Palay (AP): Dream VR is the only company in the market with a native patented 360º player for smart TVs and TV e-commerce. We are available on multiple devices so content may be consumed either in 360 and VR. Our immersive NFTs are created using a unique technology that makes them be more than just another asset out in the market but ART work. Furthermore, owners will be allowed to market them in our NFT Museum in our Dream LIFE VR Metaverse and get paid by users who want to experience being inside of an NFT. To date, Dream VR is the first company on earth doing that.

Q2. What has been the impact of COVID-19 on your VR sports business?

AP: Covid 19 put us on a rocket towards the stars. With no live events audience and nowadays still encountering some restrictions, it has allowed us to take a leap to 5 years forward. People are eager to be able to enjoy watching a football match, horse racing, action sports, etc. Dream VR puts all fear and limitations of the pandemic behind and makes people’s desires be possible by offering them a way to get to the events from their homes.

Q3. What is your NFT value proposition to teams? Why should any teams use your NFT product?

AP: We are able to create NFTs within an environment, landscape, specific place or in an imaginary so potential buyers feel as if they were part of them. This puts us in a position where we can offer to teams and its players/athletes not just a NFT but a recreation of whatever they dream about. Furthermore, those NFTs will be placed in a Museum where buyers will pay for acquiring them and users will pay too for enjoying the experience of being inside of the NFTs. Also, we can make merchandise to become ART and be bought as NFT.

Q5. What is unique about your VR and NFT products?

AP: We are the first platform in the world that auctions and exhibits IMMERSIVE NFTS. We use a unique technology that makes it very difficult to replicate, and yes, can’t reveal much about that as you can imagine hahaha. But what I can certainly say is that it makes our products unique too, with distinction in quality and architecture.

Q6. What are your plans for the next 24 months?

AP: We are looking to launch ICO tokens with our own crypto Dcoin for Dream LIFE VR Metaverse. We expect this allows us to step further in the VR and video gaming industry by acquiring, producing and creating amazing content so we can provide to users the best experience ever. Same-time, become the biggest Immersive NFT’s museum experience in the world. We have in mind many surprises that will come along with the go to market of Dream LIFE VR Metaverse. Wait and see!